“What Does Anyone Teach?” The Decline and Renewal of the Academy

Dr. William Fahey, President Thomas More College

Dr. William Fahey, President Thomas More College

When the National Association of Scholars published "What Does Bowdoin Teach" in April of this year it was an earthquake for many. It portrays an educationally elite college such as Bowdoin as a place that is no longer concerned with teaching the great truths and values of Western Civilization. The problem is widespread. For decades, Colleges that were once schools in virtue and the core principles of Christian culture have shifted into quick purveyors of privatized curricula where young students make all their own course selections and academic standards are now premised on little more than a mandated familiarity with an assortment of proclaimed anti-social grievances and identity groups. The search for the truth has been replaced with indoctrination in secular ideology.

About the Speaker

Dr. William Edmund Fahey is the third president of Thomas More College. He earned an Honors A.B. from Xavier University (Cincinnati, Ohio) in Classics and History. At the Catholic University of America he studied in the Department of Classics, and earned both the M.A. and Ph.D. (with highest distinction) through the Early Christian Studies program. Dr. Fahey came to Thomas More College after nearly a decade of undergraduate and graduate level teaching at Christendom College (Front Royal, Virginia), where he established the Department of Classical and Early Christian Studies, of which he was Chairman.

He and his wife, Amy have five children. Dr. Fahey’s family has lived in Massachusetts and Maine since the Eighteenth Century and he has a keen interest in the history of New England.


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