Why ‘Social Issues’ Matter - The Cultural Preconditions of American Liberty

Christopher Wolfe, Emeritus Professor, Marquette University

Christopher Wolfe, Emeritus Professor, Marquette University

In a country that has long had a great measure of freedom and prosperity, it is not surprising that people take liberty for granted, as the “normal” order of things. But this is not so – a healthy liberal democracy needs to be cultivated. In particular, there are important social preconditions, which have to be understood and maintained – and in our culture today, these preconditions are being undermined by various forces. What is the best way to respond to this challenge?

About the Speaker

Christopher Wolfe is emeritus professor of political science at Marquette University, where his main areas of research and teaching for 30 years were Constitutional Law and American Political Thought, and Natural Law and Liberal Political Theory. Since 2005, Dr. Wolfe has been Co-Director of the Thomas International Center, which aims at “renewing the culture,” drawing on the classical and Christian intellectual traditions. Dr. Wolfe and his collaborators hope that the Center will someday become the nucleus of a new international university.

When: Thursday, August 02, 2012, 7:30 - 8:45 AM
Where: Putnam Investments, One Post Office Square